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How To Lead Your Business Through A Crisis
Published by Jay Kinder
“Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.” Robert H. Schuller

When a crisis comes, especially one of this magnitude, we all find out what we’re made of. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of solid leadership in our world. In many industries, it’s easy to find leaders who are frozen in place, with their head in the sand, scared to make the wrong decision and as a result, taking no action at all.

Unfortunately, not making a decision is a decision itself and often, it is the wrong one.
At this moment, your families, clients, prospects and the members of your team are looking for you to step up and be a leader. In times of uncertainty, people gravitate to certainty. They look for someone on whom they can rely for support and good counsel. I
Anyone can be a leader when things are going well. As they say, “a rising tide raises all ships, even the ones that are taking on water.” But when tough times hit, it’s easy to see who the true leaders are because they step up and take charge. They’re out in front, for people to see, providing guidance, support, the blueprint to the other side of the crisis.

In order for you and your business to make it to the other side of what we’re currently facing and then prosper when things get better, there are some things you must absolutely do. Here’s what you need to do to lead your business through a crisis.

Be Mentally Strong

It’s no secret that there can be some “tough sledding” even when the real estate market is humming along. The job of real estate sales can be as challenging mentally as it is physically with the long hours many agents work each day. But when a crisis hits, the business can be even more psychologically taxing.
In an environment like the one we’re in, it’s imperative that your personal development game is on point. The strongest leaders make sure they’re staying sharp by reading books, watching videos, listening to audios, and masterminding with other, like-minded leaders. They understand the importance of staying sharp and keeping a watchful eye over the “gremlins” that can creep in and sabotage their mindset.

As part of this process, they also take great care of their physiology, which is the foundation of having great focus and a powerful mindset. To accomplish their goals of staying physically strong, top leaders make sure they eat well, exercise, stay hydrated, get enough sleep, and even meditate to physically strengthen their brains.

In addition to these practices, they also avoid people, places, and things that can be negative influences on maintaining a strong mindset. It takes great discipline, but the best leaders understand the importance of environment and culture and they make sure they don’t put themselves in situations that could compromise the hard work they’ve done to build their inner and outer strength.

We are in challenging times. When situations like this arise, the strongest leaders run towards them and take them head on...they don’t run from them. And as they take on these new challenges, they raise their mindset to the necessary level so they can overcome whatever comes their way.

Be Wise With Money 

To a certain extent, It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that matters. Sure, you need to generate enough commission to fund your business and life. But once you have the money in your bank account, it’s how you spend it that determines the next steps you can take in growing your business and caring for your family. If you spend every penny you make and don’t save for the proverbial rainy day, a crisis like the one we’re facing can be a very scary thing. Conversely, if you did put aside a portion of each commission check, then you’re able to weather the storm a bit better.
No matter what camp you’re in, you need to make wise decisions regarding your finances going forward so you can continue growing your real estate business. Here are some great choices you can make with regards to strengthening your overall financial health:

Keep selling homes. It seems obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of agents who are still doing nothing when it comes to selling. Every state in the country has rules about what you can and can’t do with respect to listing, showing, and selling homes. Be sure you know what they are and then get on the phone and start prospecting. Call everyone you can and see who is willing to move forward with a home sale or purchase. You will find people if you look for them. Whatever you do, don’t sit around and do nothing. That choice will most certainly ensure your financial situation does not improve.

CARES Act Round 2. Look into the second round of funding the government just made available for small businesses. Several real estate agents got some money for their businesses and teams so they can make it through the next two-plus months. The answer is no if you don’t ask. And if you got nothing from the first round, apply again as you have nothing to lose.

Get a loan. If you have to, get a loan from the Small Business Administration. It’s not the best option, but it is an option. Their terms for lending are more friendly now and they’ve been charged with making sure small businesses survive during this most recent downturn. Again, if you don’t at least apply, you won’t know what’s possible for you.

Spend what you have wisely. If you haven’t already, cut all unnecessary expenses. In addition to that, be sure to get rid of any programs or systems that aren’t producing at the level they need to in order to justify a slot on your P&L. A point of note. You still need to spend money to make money. Be sure you’re still generating leads for yourself and your team. Real estate sales is a 90-day game. The people you’re talking to now are likely going to turn into homes sold and commission checks some time over the next 90 days. You need to be bringing leads in the door that you can cultivate and nurture into sales over the coming months. Not investing in lead generation now could be catastrophic for the future of your business.

As a leader, it’s your job to take action to ensure that your business continues to push forward no matter what it’s facing at the time. Having a solid plan for your finances is a key element of ensuring that happens.

Keep Your Team On Board

If you have a team, you’re going to find that the people who make it up need you more now than ever. They are likely scared about how much this health crisis has impacted the real estate industry. Consequently, they’re going to be looking to you for support, inspiration, guidance, wisdom, direction, and most importantly, a plan on how to make it through the storm safely.

In order for you to deliver at a high level, you need to show up every day and be present in their lives. Meeting with them as a group every day via ZOOM and then talking to each of them individually once a week is practically mandatory in this type of environment. They need the contact and accountability so they continue to fight themselves and work hard towards keeping up their end of the bargain. They joined your team because they saw value in what you brought to their real estate career and life. Don’t stop delivering on that promise simple because things got tough.

At the same time, you need to make sure they know they are valued by you and that you appreciate them continuing to move forward and work hard. As a leader, you always need to be doing that, but it’s crucial when everyone is experiencing the pressure of a tightening real estate market.

Be A Leader Everywhere

As I’ve mentioned, the people in your close circle of influence -- friends, family, employees, agents, clients, prospects -- need to see you stepping up and leading from the front on a consistent basis. That said, there’s no need to limit who you can impact with your message as a leader.

The digital world in which we live makes it possible for you to share your experience and wisdom with anyone you can get in front of online. Whatever content, training. messages, training, stories, etc. you’re sharing with the people you lead every day can easily be repackaged and shared on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or any other medium you choose.

Taking this step will strengthen your authority and credibility in the eyes of everyone who sees you. And with the ability to share just about anything online, your reach and impact could be virtually limitless. As a top leader, you know that there will be life to be lived and business to conduct after COVID-19. Getting your leadership message to as many people as you can will have a huge impact on the growth of your business and team now and well into the future. Don’t keep what you have to offer to yourself and the people you know. Share it with the world.

Being a great leader is not limited to what I’ve shared here today. Continue to find ways to lead the people with whom you work and live on a day-to-day basis. Now, more than ever, the real estate industry needs leaders who can be a voice of reason and hope in all the chaos. Your agents and clients, alike, want to work with someone who’s been through tough times and come out the other side stronger, better, and a more resilient leader. Make sure you’re that person.

Lead on my friend!

About Author: Jay Kinder

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