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How to avoid losing $18k (or more) on your next hire

As real estate agents, we’ve all done it. We’ve all hired a friend, relative, or someone we thought would knock the cover off the ball in our company...only to be hugely disappointed that we hired the absolute wrong person for the job. Read More

Why every agent needs a strategic plan to grow their business

There’s no arguing the fact that being a successful real estate agent takes hard work...and lots of it.

That said, just working hard isn’t going to get you the exact (and best) results in your business. Read More...

How to Use a Guarantee to Generate Leads in a Down Market

One of the tough parts of an economic downturn is that bad things happen to good people. One of those such incidents is that homeowners either lose their job or see a significant decrease in their income due to cutbacks at their company. Read More

5 Steps to Creating A Powerful Value Proposition

“Why should I choose you, over the competition, to help me with my real estate transaction?”

It’s a question that you need to answer for every prospect that considers you as an option to help them sell or buy a house. Read More...

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Why your business is struggling (It's not what you think)

“The more things change, the more they stay the same” - Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr
Watching the news can be hazardous to your health — your mental health that is.
Everywhere you turn you hear: “The real estate market will never recover” or “It’s the new normal and things are going to be worse than the Great Recession” or “It’s time to pivot so we can take on the new normal in real estate”. Read More...

The Most Important Document You Will Read For Your Business

When you claim your free copy, you'll see inside the process a nearly profitless business under goes to transform into a predictably profitable seven figure machine, with astonishing clarity! Read More...

How To Lead Your Business Through A Crisis

“Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.” Robert H. Schuller
When a crisis comes, especially one of this magnitude, we all find out what we’re made of. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of solid leadership in our world. In many industries, it’s easy to find leaders who are frozen in place, with their head in the sand, scared to make the wrong decision and as a result, taking no action at all. Read More...

The COVID-19 crisis and the Great Recession: What's different? 

Nobody has a crystal ball, so it’s virtually impossible to tell what the future will bring. Unfortunately, we don’t have to look too far back into the past at the Great Recession for an example of what we might be in for during the coming months. Read More...

What to focus on in an uncertain real estate market

Having been a real estate agent during both the Dot Com Bubble and the Great Recession, I’ve learned a lot of lessons about what to do, and more importantly what not to do, when uncertainty hits the real estate market. Read More...

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How to lead effectively during times of crisis

Looking back, starting our real estate coaching business back in 2008 — on the downslope of a nasty five-year slide — was an amazing decision for our organization.
It didn’t always seem that way, however, as we were also running real estate teams of our own and guiding our agents and employees during what is now known as the second worst downturn in the economy since the Great Depression. Read More...

How to grow your business during uncertain times

Things have gotten quite crazy for us in the last few weeks.

There’s a tremendous amount of uncertainty around the future health of not only the citizens of our country, but also of our once-burgeoning economy. Read More...

How to double your business from 25 to 50 deals in a year

It’s probably one of the questions I get asked more than any other question: “What do I have to do in order to double my business?”.  The simple answer is to work twice as hard, but we know that’s not the truth. Read More...

The Top 5 Qualities of an Amazing Leader in Real Estate

Tony Robbins’ take on leadership is a little different than most people’s definition.
In his estimation, what makes a great leader is not how many followers they have, it’s how many new leaders they create. Read More...

Two Hires You Must Make to Grow to 100-plus Transactions

So you’ve turned the corner and you’re selling homes consistently on a month-over-month basis. Not only are you here to’re ready to stake your claim as a top producer in your marketplace. You realize you need help and you are ready to start bringing key people on board to get to 100-plus transactions a year. Read More

Get More Referral Business With This One Simple Strategy

Referral business. We all love it, but most of us don’t have a strategy to attract it on a consistent basis. This is a bad thing because repeat and referral business is about five to seven times cheaper than doing marketing and advertising to bring a new opportunity through the door. Plus, the sales close faster, too. Read More

Should Your Team Impeach You From Your Business?

It’s been a rough couple of months for President Trump. Whether he actually deserved to be impeached or not, he made some questionable decisions and took some actions that created doubt in him as the leader of our country.  Read More

5 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Business Is Underperforming

You work hard every day; You make your calls,You sell houses,you take care of your clients, you go over and above, you seem to do it all...yet, after all is said and done, you’re just not getting the results you want -- and deserve -- in your real estate business. Read More

3 Things You Can Learn From Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor McGregor started his adult life as a plumber. Today he’s a nine-figure mixed-martial arts (MMA) fighter and one of the most visible and successful fighters in the industry.Read More

A proven strategy to help you crush your listing appointments

You’re at the kitchen table and you’re ready to do your listing presentation. At this point, you need to be on the lookout for two specific things: 1) signs that your seller prospects are tracking with you and 2) buying signals letting you know it’s time to stop your listing presentation and move on to pricing and paperwork. Read More

Who To Hire SECOND When Growing Your Real Estate Team

No matter how big you want to grow your team, it’s crucial that you bring the right people into your organization at the right time (and put them in the right position on your roster). Read More

Creating a successful rhythm for your business in 2020

You’ve got your goals and targets in place for 2020 and you’re ready to attack the year like never before. To reach — and even exceed your goals — it’s going to take a combination of working in your business and working on your business. Read More

A proven strategy to help you crush your listing appointments - Part 1

In part 1 of this series, we talked about how to prepare yourself - and your sellers - for the time you’re going to spend at their home. Read More

A proven strategy to help you crush your listing appointments - Part 2

Being unprepared for a listing presentation pretty much guarantees that you are likely not to get that listing. Read More

How To Build A Seven Figure Real Estate Business

without making the bad hires, becoming a slave to your business, or wasting $10's of thousands on shiny objects. Read More

What to look for in an operations manager for your business

If you’ve built your team properly, your real estate team is currently comprised of the following members: Read More

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