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The Top 5 Qualities of an Amazing Leader in Real Estate
Published by Jay Kinder 
Tony Robbins’ take on leadership is a little different than most people’s definition.
In his estimation, what makes a great leader is not how many followers they have, it’s how many new leaders they create.
It’s a unique thought process and one that we should all take a closer look at for our own strategy of leadership.

The real estate industry is always in need of great leaders — thought leaders, skills leaders, work-ethic leaders, trends leaders, etc. — to ensure that our industry continues to grow and remain the valuable resource it is to consumers worldwide.

If you’re a real estate team or business leader (or your goal is to become one), here are the top five qualities that will help you become brilliant, amazing, empathetic and highly-skilled power players in real estate.

Leadership: A Brief Overview:

There is no shortage of books, studies, videos and research about leadership in industries of every type. Leadership styles range from servant to transactional, from strategic to dictatorship, from coaching-oriented to transactional and just about everything in between.

A lot of what impacts the leadership style someone adopts has to do with their personality, which makes being a leader a bit more challenging for certain people. And while our personality gravitates over time, who we are is who we are. Short of a near-death experience or life-altering event, people’s level of empathy, willingness to understand others, and desire to serve them remains fairly static.
To that end, how we lead — or even if we lead — will remain highly dependent on how we view the word and what makes up our inner person.

Someone who is a leader, a great leader if you will, will stretch you to become better. They will not only tell you what to do to become better, but also they’ll tell you why you need to do it. They help you realize that you learn more from failure than you do from success and that you need both if you’re going to be the best version of yourself you can be.

We all have this person in our lives and in some cases, we are that person for someone else.

While every industry needs leaders, real estate may need them the most. Many people become real estate agents not by choice, but rather, by default. To that end, they are literally starting a new career with little to no real estate knowledge, very few transferable skills, and virtually no understanding of what it takes emotionally, psychologically, or physically to succeed.

Other than uncertainty, nothing else is guaranteed to any person who becomes a real estate agent.

To that end, we all need someone to look to as an example of what to do, how to do it, and when to do it...on good and bad days. Now, whether you are that person or you’re looking for that person, here are the 10 qualities of an amazing leader in real estate.

1. Be a motivator

Great leaders are incredible motivators and a huge source of inspiration. Yes, they do engage in a certain amount of cheerleading, but being a “rah-rah” person with hollow support for their teams is not what they do. They’ve walked in the shoes of those they lead and help them understand what it takes to succeed at the highest level by sharing their experiences on how they overcame the same challenges and issues.
More importantly, they connect with those they lead at a deep level and offer serious, authentic, and meaningful encouragement to them. As part of this process, they give real-world examples of what can happen when you have big dreams and focus on doing the right things in the right order to make them become a reality.

2. Have a servant mentality

Great leaders are also great at being servants. They put their team members' needs in front of their own when necessary. They also have a keen awareness of what’s going on around them and how what’s happening is affecting others.

Servant-minded leaders are great listeners, empathetic, natural persuaders, and excellent collaborators. They look to connect the right people with the right situations so that everyone experiences success.
Additionally, they are interested in what’s right and not what’s popular. More specifically, they want to do the right thing, even if it means everyone’s not going to be happy with the decision they made. 

They like feedback and consider other people’s points of view, when appropriate, in their decision-making process. They want to make sure their decisions they make impact the agents, and other members of their teams, as positively as possible.

And, while great leaders are not available every second of every day, they do make themselves available to their team members to ensure that all of them feel like valued members of the team.

3. Promote information and idea sharing

In that most people don’t come into the business with a solid understanding of what it takes to succeed as a real estate agent, they are highly dependent on the sharing of the right ideas and information to succeed.

Great leaders make sure that the agents with whom they work get access to the information, ideas, best practices, tips, tricks and strategies they need to get great results in their business. Rather than operating from a scarcity mentality, fearing that sharing information might hurt their business, great leaders create a community where sharing strategies for success is not just important, but also desired by everyone involved.
Exemplary leaders understand that nobody should be left to their own devices to figure out what it takes to succeed. They take the less experienced agents under their wing to guide them to the point where they can first survive, and then thrive, on their own. In addition to that, they’ll even find others on the team to help them lead and guide less successful agents on the path to prosperity.

They understand that they’ll experience unparalleled success simply by doing what it takes to help others achieve their goals.

4. Create a culture of ethics and integrity

Integrity is often defined as “doing the right thing when nobody is looking”. Being ethical — knowing the difference between what is right and wrong and acting accordingly — and having integrity go hand in hand.

Top real estate leaders foster cultures where integrity and good ethical standards are paramount to virtually every other quality of the agents and team members in their charge.
Great leaders want collaboration and harmony within their organizations and they expect the same for their team members when dealing with those outside the company.

To accomplish this culture, the best leaders ensure that everyone they bring onto their teams are good core value and culture fits. They just don’t bring anyone on to their team. They very carefully consider every candidate’s skills, talents, qualities, and attributes before making their decisions. More importantly, they look at how every new person is going to fit into the overall picture to ensure that they are a good team fit.

Yes, production and sales are important to the success of any real estate enterprise. That said, keeping someone around who doesn’t conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with what’s expected and necessary for the continuity of the team won’t last long. Great leaders will simply not tolerate unprofessionalism and incompetence in their organizations.

5. Deal well with uncertainty

As I mentioned earlier, there’s no shortage of uncertainty in the real estate industry. Some people deal well with it better than others. The most dynamic leaders handle uncertainty better than most. They seem to have the ability to remain calm and focused no matter what gets thrown at their business.
Through recessions and crashes (think 2007 through 2013), there are a number of agents who just can’t stay in the business and have to leave so they can take care of their families. Despite that, a number of agents stayed in the business to weather the storm. In many cases, there are many agents who even got started during the downturn. 

A good real estate leader knows how to be calm in the face of the unknown and is willing to seek out, and employ, strategies to succeed no matter what adversity they are faced with at the time.

In spite of what might be a period of initial turmoil, they realize that things will eventually normalize, giving them the chance to grow even more. They also realize that what comes after the storm is over may not be like it was before, but that there are new doors that will open to help them succeed in spite of everything.

Leadership isn’t easy, especially in an industry like real estate where standards vary from business to business and agent to agent. It takes some very specific skills and qualities to not only survive in real estate, but also to thrive as a business person and a leader.

The best of the best leaders possess not only these top five qualities, but also other attributes and skills that separate them from other agents and leaders in the industry. Much of what makes them great leaders are choices they make in who they want to be and what they want for themselves and the others with whom they surround themselves.

If you’re looking to be a leader in your business, or in the industry as a whole, embracing these five qualities of an amazing leader is a great place to start.

About Author: Jay Kinder

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